A Valentine’s Sketch and Painting of Roses

For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to do a sketch and painting of roses in my journal along with an accompanying verse.

I began by planning my composition and doing a value sketch.

Value Sketch
© Annie Glacken

After choosing my pigments, I painted the roses using the wet into wet technique:

Wet into Wet Color
© Annie Glacken

I used a damp brush to blend out and soften the colors.

Blending Out with Water
© Annie Glacken

I also wanted to have some lost edges on the petals.

Upper Right Rose
© Annie Glacken

When painting the stems and leaves, I also used the wet into wet technique and added some pink for color harmony. Once again, I created some soft lost edges.

Painting Stems and Leaves
© Annie Glacken

I finished the right hand page of my journal by adding some color to the background and softening the edges with a damp brush.

“Valentine Roses”
© Annie Glacken

Next, I painted a light wash on the left-hand page using the same colors I used on the right-hand page. I let this wash dry completely. Then, I transferred a scripture that I thought would be appropriate for Valentine’s Day and began painting the lettering.

Painting the Lettering
© Annie Glacken

Here are the completed journal pages:

Finished Journal Pages
© Annie Glacken

These roses were a lot of fun to paint. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Remember, “The greatest of these is love” so let us love one another!

If you are interested in having detailed instructions for painting these roses, I have a downloadable and printable, step-by-step tutorial on how to paint the roses, how to lose edges, and create lettering.  This tutorial is a .pdf file with 23 pages of instructions including patterns for tracing the flowers and lettering, and 29 colored photos.  Cost is only $6.  If interested, click this link.

This download allows you to paint this design for your own personal use only.



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    • Hi Susan, Thanks for the compliment. Yes, value sketches are kind of like a road map when painting–they keep you going in the right direction! Thanks for commenting! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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