Winter Scenes Painted with Cool Pigments

Does this cold weather we are experiencing make you want to paint winter scenes.

Here are two winter scenes I painted a while ago.

Mountain Fog
© Annie Glacken

In this first painting, I was going for a wintry foggy look. I love the way the fog hangs in the mountains.To get this look, I painted the top of my trees in the furthest background, and then immediately lost the bottom edges by blending out with clean water. When these trees were dry, I moved on to the trees below and repeated the process moving downward on the page.

Frozen Reflection
© Annie Glacken

For this second painting, I was aiming for a nice reflection of the trees in the frozen pond. Before beginning to paint, I had all of my pigments pre-mixed on my palette so I wouldn’t have to stop to mix them once I began painting.

I wet the sky area with a very pale blue wash. Before this dried, I added a darker blue tree line with a thicker wash of blue. Since the sky was still wet, this diffused and softened the tree line. When this dried, I wet the middle ground area and used a blue-green mix for the trees in that area. After this dried, I used a very dark green to paint the evergreens on the bank using a wet on dry technique. I also used a very pale gray that I mixed to indicate snow banks.

After everything was completely dry, I wet the pond area and brushed in horizontal strokes of blues and grays. Before the sheen completely left, I painted in the evergreens with a lighter value of green in the pond area. Doesn’t that frozen pond make you want to break out your ice skates?

I am very happy with these two little paintings.

18 Replies to “Winter Scenes Painted with Cool Pigments”

  1. Annie, your work and tutorials are incredible. Have not gotten to paint for awhile, and cannot wait to get back to it. You are so encouraging. Thanks again. Betty Nye

  2. Annie, thanks so much for these tips! I LOVE your fog scene! I’ve always wondered how to paint fog. It always felt intimidating, but you’ve made it seem quite doable!

    • Hi Susan, You’re welcome. It really isn’t difficult at all. Just work from the top down. I hope you try it. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I like a lot your paintings, cause I like to paint froggy scenes too. Yours is specially well rendered. We have currently not so much cold weather here, but wind and rain. I hope sun will come soon on our two countries.

    • Hi Laurence! We are starting to have warmer weather and sunshine. It is in the sixties here today. Sunshine makes all the difference! I hope you get some nice weather soon! Thanks for the nice comment too!

  4. Both paintings are beautiful, and I love the limited palette you used. I must say that the Frozen Reflection is my favorite….it conveys such tranquility to me.

    • Tanya, Thank you for the nice compliment. I agree, I think Frozen Reflection does convey tranquility! We can all use more of that in our lives rigt?

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