“Give Thanks” Pumpkin and Squash Watercolor Sketch

Recently, we went to a pumpkin patch with our daughter’s family.  While the grandchildren searched for a large pumpkin to carve, I gathered a few gourds and a pie pumpkin. Every year I love to sketch and paint fall vegetables.

I began this sketch after setting up my pumpkin and gourds into an arrangement that would make a pleasing composition. Here is a photo:

“Still Life Set Up”
© Annie Glacken

Here is my ink sketch.

“Ink Sketch”
© Annie Glacken

Next, I began to apply the first washes of color. I loved the yellows, oranges, and red-orange splashes of color. However, I began to realize that this particular sketch would look better without the ink.

© Annie Glacken

But, there was no way to remove the ink or the page from my sketchbook. I decided that the solution to my dilemma would be to start the sketch over on a separate piece of watercolor paper. Then, when completed, I could glue it over the one I had begun in my sketchbook.

So I began once again with a pencil sketch.

“Pencil Sketch”
© Annie Glacken

Then, I began loosely painting in the flowers.

“Much better…”
© Annie Glacken

I then began to paint the pumpkin and squash.

“Painting Squash…”
© Annie Glacken

I love the contrast of the blue pottery vase with the oranges in this sketch.

“Almost finished…”
© Annie Glacken

After the sketch was painted, I added a verse of scripture.

“Adding Scripture”
© Annie Glacken

Sometimes you think a sketch is finished and sign it.  Then you go back later and realize it needs something.  I decided my flowers needed a few more darks in the centers and I needed to add a warm yellow wash around the gourds and pumpkin to unify the sketch.

“Give Thanks”
© Annie Glacken

To finish, I glued the new sketch over the top of the old one in my sketchbook. I actually like the deckled edge of one page inside the other.  This is a great way to fix a page you are unhappy with. Also, knowing there is a way to remedy a bad page, should help alleviate the “fear of messing up” your page.

“Fixed Page”
© Annie Glacken

Tomorrow we will celebrate “Thanksgiving Day.” It is a day we set aside to give thanks and be grateful for all of the blessings we have received. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!






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