Sketching and Painting in Old Salem

You never know where your sketches may end up.

Last year, a friend and I decided to spend the day, plein air sketching and painting at the historic town of Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. This town was founded in 1766 by the Moravians and features a living history museum. George Washington once stayed at the Salem Tavern in 1791. The docents dress in the historical clothing of the era and give live demonstrations in blacksmithing, carpentry, tinsmithing, cobbling, baking, etc. Seventy percent of the buildings in the town are original. You could spend days sketching these historic buildings capturing their charm and character.

My friend and I sketched and painted in two different locations in Old Salem that day.  Here is my two-page spread of the Kitchen Garden and the Single Brother’s House.

“Old Salem Kitchen Garden and Single Brother’s House”
© Annie Glacken

After lunch, we changed to a shady spot to sketch.  We came upon this delightful little scene of the outdoor dining area of The Flour Box and Tea Room. I think it was the umbrellas that caught my attention.

“The Flour Box Tea Room”
© Annie Glacken

A day or two later, I posted the sketch on my facebook page and went on with life. Four months went by and then I received this request by the owners,  “How can we get a copy of your flour box painting to hang in our tea room? It is a wonderful new perspective on how to represent the tea room…” Somehow, the owners came across this sketch in a google search. Not only did they frame it for their tea room but it is also shown on their webpage.

The possibility of this sketch being later sold as a print to the business owner never crossed my mind that day.  It just goes to show you, “You never know where your sketches may end up.”

Happy Sketching!!!!!

6 Replies to “Sketching and Painting in Old Salem”

  1. You must be very proud of that, this sketch deserves this destiny. Happy for you, and yes, it must be a great and nice surprise to be contacted like that by the owner of the building you painted once.

    • Yes, it was a fun surprise and nice to receive that kind of affirmation. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh Annie, your sketch is delightful and what an honor for you to have it hanging in their place. I haven’t been sketching, but missing it terribly. You are making me want to get back to it now. Thanks for your sharing.
    Betty Nye

    • Thanks Betty. I hope you do get back to it as you are a great sketcher! Thanks for the compliment.