Making an Accordion Book–Another Gift Idea

In today’s post, I will show you how I made a simple but sweet little accordion style book using a watercolor painted sheet of masa paper and a long narrow strip of watercolor paper I had left over after making my own handmade watercolor journals.  In case you missed that 4-part series, it begins here.

I began by covering two pieces of 5 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ chipboard with some painted masa paper I had on hand.  I tried to match up the colors on the covers so they would meet when the journal was complete. Then I painted them with Matte Mod Podge in order to protect the covers.

Covers for Accordion Book
© Annie Glacken

Inside the Covers
© Annie Glacken

When they were completely dry,  I marked the horizontal center and painted a thin line of Mod Podge where I would be attaching the ribbon and then pressed the 1/4″ ribbon in place.

Mod Podge to adhere ribbon
© Annie Glacken

Ribbon glued down with Mod Podge
© Annie Glacken

I accordion folded my leftover 6″ x 30″ piece of watercolor paper into 6″ x 5″ sections and burnished the folded edges with a bone folder.

6″ x 30″ accordion folded watercolor paper
© Annie Glacken

I painted Mod Podge on the back of the last section with my sponge brush.

Mod Podge painted on the very last fold
© Annie Glacken

Then I pressed this onto the center of the inside of the back cover.

Paper pressed to back cover
© Annie Glacken

Next, I painted the back of the first section with Mod Podge.

Mod Podge painted on the back of first page
© Annie Glacken

At first, I tried to press the folded stack onto the cover.  However, I found it was easier to line everything up by pressing the cover to the paper so that I could line up the front cover with the back cover.

Pressing on remaining cover.
© Annie Glacken

Here is the front view of my completed book.

Accordion Book
© Annie Glacken

This is a view of the spine which does not open as it is held in place with the ribbon.

Closed Edge
© Annie Glacken

Here is a side view of the ribbon edge:

Open edge tied with ribbon
© Annie Glacken

Now I am ready to fill the pages:

Inside book
© Annie Glacken

These sweet little books are easy and quick to make.  Wouldn’t they make lovely gifts?  You could either give them blank or add your own creativity to the pages.  I am sure your recipients would be delighted!

7 Replies to “Making an Accordion Book–Another Gift Idea”

  1. Yes, good idea, Annie. I let the spine free to paint on the two sides but if you want it looks like a real book, your ribbon is a good idea too. It could be a mini one painted with art for someone who likes art but doesn’t paint. Or a blank one with a mini altoid tin full of a triad or four or six pans of watercolor to let your recipient give a try to watercolor.

    • Laurence, if you like painting on the front and back you could also glue a ribbon running across each of the covers. Then tie a bow on each side of the book. I love your idea of giving a miniature set of watercolors with it. That would make a great gift. Thanks for suggesting it!

    • I know! They are so simple. You could crank these out easily and quickly. It could be quite addictive making these as they are so much fun to make. Also, check out Laurence’s great suggestion in the comments. Thanks for commenting Susan!