Painting Daisies

Last week, I  experimented with Lanaquarelle watercolor paper and promised to show you my steps for “Sunlit Daisies” in this week’s post. So here we go…This is a very tiny painting (6″ x 9″) I painted using the negative painting technique on a scrap of leftover paper.

The colors I chose for this painting were:

Color Swatch
© Annie Glacken

I began by wetting my paper and dropping in a very light wash of the Winsor Blue Green and Quinacridone Magenta in the background area avoiding the petals of the three main daisies. I painted right over where the secondary daisies would be except for their centers. While the surface was still wet, I dropped in a Hansa Yellow Medium for the daisy centers and then let it dry.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 1
© Annie Glacken

For the second layer, I began painting around my three main daisies using the same background colors. It is important to keep each layer light because the overall painting will be darker after several layers. I let the paper dry between this and every other layer.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 2
© Annie Glacken

Next, I began painting around the secondary daisies in the background using the same background colors.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 3
© Annie Glacken

On the fourth layer, I made another daisy in the background by painting the area around it. I also strengthened the centers by wetting them and dropping in a little Quinacridone Gold just below the top, then Quinacridone Sienna below that, and Quinacridone Burnt Orange at the bottom. I let them mingle slightly.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 4
© Annie Glacken

Next, I began strenghtening the background area towards the center of the painting with some Royal Blue and added more background daisies by painting the area around them.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 5
© Annie Glacken

On the sixth layer, I continued to strengthen the background area.

Sunlit Daisies-Layer 6
© Annie Glacken

Next, I added the greens on the leaves and stems and finally painted a little color on the petals themselves in order to separate them slightly from one another.

Sunlit Daisies
© Annie Glacken

I am pleased with the way this little painting turned out.  It is surprising what you get sometimes when you are just experimenting.

Happy painting!

10 Replies to “Painting Daisies”

  1. I like so much negative painting. I like the way you give deepness to the background, the roundness (is that correct???) of the stems and the heart of the daisies. Splendid ! And thank you to share it !!

    • Laura, thank you for the nice comment. I really enjoy painting this way because you never know what you will end up with. It is always a surprise.

  2. You handle this technique so well, Annie. Lovely choice of colors and beautiful depth to your painting.