Making Unique Christmas Gifts

Do you enjoy giving handmade gifts? I certainly love to give and receive one-of-a kind gifts. So if you are like me, here is one unique gift giving idea:

Make a small painting (6″ x 6″) that requires no glass and can be hung or set on a bookshelf or end table.

I make these little gems using a method I call watercolor batik. They are created by painting with layers of watercolor and wax on rice paper. After the painting is finished, the wax is removed and the painting is applied to a gallery wrapped canvas and sealed.

The subject can be a winter subject…

Country Snowfall
© Annie Glacken

Cardinal in Snow
© Annie Glacken

Chickadee with Winter Berries
© Annie Glacken

or flowers…

White Daffodils
© Annie Glacken

© Annie Glacken

More birds…

Hummingbird in the Dogwood
© Annie Glacken

Cardinal in the Dogwood
© Annie Glacken

Bluebirds in the Dogwood
© Annie Glacken

Carolina Wren
© Annie Glacken

Or you can illustrate a quote…

The Earth Laughs in Flowers
© Annie Glacken

If you would like to learn how to make these unique gift items, I will be teaching a one day workshop at the Florence Thomas Art School located in West Jefferson, NC on Saturday, November 4th. Please click here for more info or to sign up.

Happy painting and gift-making!


12 Replies to “Making Unique Christmas Gifts”

  1. Precious gifts, really. I always paint greetings cards (and I must begin soon !!) for friends and family. I was very enthusiast about that some years ago but I have learnt to choose who will receive them, some people doesn’t appreciate and I know my cards will go to the bin…or answer with an email, I don’t like that ! Personally I’d like so much to receive those kind of homemade cards but it never happened, unfortunately, people are in a hurry…I’m curious about your technique too. Hope your class will be a success.

    • Laurence, how nice of you to paint handmade cards for those you know would appreciate them. I, like you, would love to receive handmade cards. I usually paint one Christmas card a year and then make prints of it to send out. I figure this is the next best thing to a handmade card–at least it is my original design. My husband’s aunt loves receiving them and saves them all. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Annie, these are adorable. Hopefully some day you can start offering some on line classes for those of us who cannot attend. You are just so full of ideas, amazing. Betty

    • Awe thank you Betty. I have thought about that–but it is overwhelming to think about the learning curve it would take to learn video and audio editing. I have thought about selling downloadable files of my tutorials that people could print and put into a notebook. Hmm? Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Annie, I wonder if you could have an online (pay 4 download) class showing us your method for making batik watercolors using captioned photos the way you did for your delightful accordion books? I think videos are overrated because one has to watch them over and over to find some aspect that needs reviewing. It’s so much easier to scroll through photos! I know I’d be a happy customer- I’m in the middle of making 4 accordion books from a sheet of Arches right now!

    • Hi Dana! Thank you for the suggestion. I have thought about doing this, but I need to figure out how to go about it. I am not the most tech savvy person–it was a leap getting this blog put together by myself. Perhaps I could sell a printable file? Let me give this a little more thought and if you have any tech suggestions, please let me know. I agree, that sometimes it is easier to scoll through written instruction. I hope your accordion books turned out beautifully! P.S. If any of you other readers have thoughts about this, please chime in.