Sentimental Paintings

Capturing My Memories

As an artist, I love to paint subjects that have sentimental value. Today I want to share three paintings I have done that are very dear to me. The first painting is titled, “My Treaures.”

“My Treasures”
© Annie Glacken

Everything depicted in this painting is special. The table belonged to my grandmother, Elizabeth. She kept her old rotary phone and phone book on it for years. I wove the cloth on my Dorsett Jack Loom. The beautiful books were a Christmas gift from some of the history students I used to teach. My oldest son gave me the blue pitcher and the candlestick was a gift from my youngest son. These are all sentimental “treasures.”

This next painting is of our dear departed Teacup Yorkie, Nellie. I painted this painting during a “Pet Pawtrait” class taught by Edwina May (who is a great instructor by the way) at Cheap Joe’s. Sweet Nellie passed away at the age of sixteen about six months after painting this portrait. She never knew a stranger, loved everyone, and loved to smother you with kisses! We still miss her.

© Annie Glacken

Last but not least is my painting titled, “Two Heads are Better than One.”  This painting depicts my favorite sheep, Ezekiel and his feathered friend.  I used to get a chuckle when I would look out into the pasture and see this chicken riding around on Ezekiel’s back or following him all around the pasture.  Who would ever think a sheep and a chicken would be best friends?  We have raised many sheep through the years but “Zekee” was the friendliest and loved to be scratched behind the ears! He too, has passed on but I have such fond memories of him.

“Two Heads are Better Than One”
© Annie Glacken

I could never put a price on these paintings!  (Although I do have prints available of two of them.) How about you?  Have you captured the “sentimental” in any of your paintings?

10 Replies to “Sentimental Paintings”

  1. Very emotional paintings ans stories, each in a different style. I like to try to draw and paint my cats….I try !!!! 😉

    • Yes, it is funny how the style is different on each one. I still need to paint my Corgi and my two cats! Finding the time seems to be the issue these days! Thanks for the comment!

    • Thank you Betty. Guess what? I believe it was you who suggested I teach at Cheap Joe’s sometime. Well I was just asked last week to teach in July of 2019. Woo hoo! I will be teaching my handmade watercolor journal class. I am so excited!!!!!! Thanks for the comment.

  2. omg. That is so wonderful Annie, I’m so excited for you. Annie do you know if you will be teaching watercolor lessons in that class also?

    • Not in that particular class, but maybe if it goes well they will ask me to do that another time. I will be teaching a negative painting in watercolor class at another venue in September of 2017. I will post it when it is publicized.