Upcoming Watercolor Batik on Canvas Workshop

How would you like to learn how to paint miniature watercolor batiks?

Susan’s Hummingbird
9″ x 9″ W/C Batik
© Annie Glacken

These 6″ x 6″ canvases would make wonderful gifts just in time for the Christmas season.

Country Snowfall
6″ x 6″ W/C Batik
© Annie Glacken

White Daffodils
6″x6″ Watercolor Batik
© Annie Glacken

Carolina Morning
6″ x 6″ W/C Batik
© Annie Glacken

They can be hung on the wall or set on a table or bookshelf. These little gems are painted with layers of watercolor and wax on rice paper. Before adhering on the canvas, the layers of wax are removed revealing a unique batik look. The art is then attached and sealed on a gallery wrapped canvas–no need for framing–and I love how the design can wrap around the canvas!

6″x 6″ W/C Batik
© Annie Glacken

I will be teaching this one-day workshop at the Florence Thomas Art School n West Jefferson, NC on Saturday, November 4th. Spaces are limited. If interested, click this link for more information or to register online.  You can also see more photos of these little canvases in the workshop tab above.

I hope to see some of you in class! We will have a great time making beautiful art and gifts!

As always, all images are copyrighted. Thanks!




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    • Hmm! That is something to think about for the future. I have thought about selling printed or downloaded files of my tutorials! Thanks for commenting and for the suggestion. I appreciate it!