Preparing My Brusho Containers for Use

In my last post, I talked about painting with Brusho Paint Crystals.

In this post, I want to show you how I prepared my Brusho containers for use.  I tweaked the ideas I learned from Sandy Allnock’s great video.

You may wonder why you even need to prepare your bottles.  You don’t have to use the following method.  However, that would require removing the lids whenever you want to use the crystals thereby taking a chance of the entire container spilling.  With the following method, you never open the container at all.

The first thing I did was pre-mix each color and paint a 1 ¼” swatch on watercolor paper.

Next, I took a 1” circle paper punch I purchased at Hobby Lobby and punched out my circles.  I was careful to label the name of the color on the back of the circle.

These adhesive glue dots were just the size I needed to affix my color circles to the top of the containers.  I laid them bottom side down onto the sticky surface.

Next, I pierced the center of the top of each container with a push-pin.

Then I peeled my color circles off the backing sheet and stuck them to the tops of the containers.

I had to re-punch my hole through the color swatch with a push-pin.

I leave the push-pins in each container as they make great little handles for picking up the containers.  Also, I used clear push-pins so they wouldn’t interfere with my color swatch.

I was able to store all of my colors in this container along with a color chart I painted of each color.

Hope these tips are helpful!



2 Replies to “Preparing My Brusho Containers for Use”

  1. Great ! Personally, I sometimes open the containers and take the powder with a palette knife to have more intensity, as I founded the tiny hole made by the pins didn’t deliver enough color (that is good for some other use, not so intense …). Now I have to label the containers … Thank you for sharing your way and the Sandy’s videos, I usually look at but I missed those videos I must say.

    • I know what you mean about the pin holes. I had to puncture mine a few times to widen the hole. You are brave opening the containers! I probably would have a mess! 😉 Thanks for the comment.