Sketching with My Granddaughter

Making Lasting Memories

One of the things that are very important in my life is spending time with my grandchildren. I want to try to make a connection with them and the things they are interested in. My granddaughter is a little artist. She has been every since she was little. Whenever I babysit, you can find us either painting together or watching art videos—yes she can sit and watch YouTube art videos for the longest time. She loves it.

A couple of years ago, I decided to gift her with her “very own” plein air bag filled with all of the necessary items for painting in watercolor. So one day it was a big deal when we went on our first art outing. It was fun to see what she chose to sketch and I was amazed at how she just sat down and got busy with her sketch. She didn’t talk much but just focused on the business at hand. Isn’t it amazing how little children are so confident in their art?  I thought maybe she would ask some “how to” questions along the way—but nope—she was in her “zone”. We adults can take a lesson from children about learning to be confident in our artistic endeavors.

She did an excellent job that day and we topped off the day with a trip to Starbucks—vanilla bean frappe for her and a mocha frappe for me. Life doesn’t get much better!

Here are her sketches from the day:

Here is mine:

We have gone out sketching a few times and I look forward to the summer break when we will have time for making more memories and creating a lasting legacy!”

A few more of my sketches from our outings together.

How about you?  Are any of your grandchildren interested in sketching and painting? If so, take them out with you and create a memory!

6 Replies to “Sketching with My Granddaughter”

  1. Annie, a delightful blog. My grand daughter is now 27 and we have painted together many times, but alas, she has moved to Montana and I miss her very much. What wonderful memories you are creating. We have to get you in to Cheap Joes some day. I’d love to learn from you.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Betty! I believe you have to be published in a magazine or book to teach at Cheap Joe’s. So that leaves me out! Remind me again which state you live in. I am guessing Montana is quite the trip! I am sure your grand daughter has many wonderful memories of painting together!

  2. I did a plein air event with my teenage daughter last year. First time for either of us doing anything like that. She took home 2nd place in the teen competition. It did wonders for her attitude about art in general and Her art specifically. What a great day.

    • Wow! That is wonderful that your daughter took second place in the teen competition! Good for her! I know you are very proud and I am sure that was a great day!

  3. No grandchildren here, so I’ll just appreciate the creativity in yours! Look at those lost edges in the planter! And the variety of greens! She did an amazing job. And I love her spirit of getting down to the business at hand. What a fun outing! 🙂

    • She has quite the imagination when it comes to art. Right now she has been drawing dogs in all different costumes. She says she wants to be a vet and an artist when she grows up! It was a fun day! Thanks for commenting.