Introduction to Art Journaling for Non-Sketchers

Next class: Cabarrus Art Guild, March 18th, 10-4:30

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How would like to learn how to take time to “smell the roses” by documenting everyday things and moments in your life? Art Journaling is a relaxing and meditative way for us to slow down and savor the “ordinary things” we take for granted. What a treasured keepsake you will be creating as you journal with art!

In this class students will be introduced to various techniques used in art journaling:  How to design a cover page, how to design other pages using a title, sketch, format box and date box.   For those who don’t feel confident in their drawing skills yet, come learn how to transfer your images into your sketchbook.

Journaling in Ink and Watercolor 

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Students will explore new techniques and pointers for journaling in ink and watercolor. Some of the topics are: how to mix bright clean color, how to use a grisaille under painting for value, how to make a “travel page,” and how to embellish their lettering.


Next Class:  Florence Thomas Art School, May 27th, 9-4

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In this class, we will be talking about sketching tips, designing the layouts of our pages, using borders, and how to create faux calligraphy.  During class students will design their own sketchbook pages using concepts taught.


Next Class:  Florence Thomas Art School, May 26th, 9-4  

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In this class students will learn how to achieve color harmony by using a limited palette. Students will also learn how to mix clean vibrant colors or muted colors and how to avoid mixing “mud.”   In addition, you will learn how to mix a variety of greens and grays.  Lastly, students will be introduced to various color schemes for color planning their paintings.


Next Class:  Florence Thomas Art School, Nov. 4th, 9-4

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In this workshop students will learn how to paint in a batik style using layers of watercolor and wax on rice paper. After designs are painted, students will mount their paintings onto canvas and seal them.  These canvases make great gifts to either hang or set on a table or bookshelf.