Sunflowers with a Twist

Using Abstract Lines

In one of my previous posts I experimented with creating some lighter abstract lines in my painting. It was so much fun, I decided to try it again with a painting of sunflowers.

After tweaking my previous sunflower composition, I did a value sketch that also contained dark lines where I was going to place my frisket to save some abstract lines in the painting.

Here is a photo of my drawing on watercolor paper with my frisket lines applied.


Once the frisket was completely dry, I began painting in my background colors.

Here is a photo of the painting before the frisket was removed.

In this photo, the frisket lines have been removed. As you can see they are fairly stark.

The very last step of this painting was to tone down the frisket lines with a light wash of watercolor in a few areas.

In the future I may make some of my frisket lines differing widths to add interest. However, I really like this painting as it It makes me happy whenever I look at it. Isn’t that why we paint? In my book, I call that a success!



8 Replies to “Sunflowers with a Twist”

  1. Annie, this is beautiful. Let me know if you ever decide to offer online classes. Love your work.

    • Betty, you are always so encouraging. Currently I don’t have any plans for online classes. I just recently taught two classes at the Florence Thomas school in West Jefferson, NC. I will be teaching Watercolor Batiks there this November and possibly some other classes next year. Maybe I will see you in one of those. Thank you so much for the comment.

    • Thank you Laura! I really enjoyed the painting process on this one. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your process. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Thank you Susan! I had a great time seeing you and Paul and meeting new folks at Florence! Maybe we will get together for nature sketching in July. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Really love this! I am always struck by the need to subtly adjust the whites so they don’t look quite so stark. I love that you talked about that!

    • Thank you Robin. Yes, the trick is to tame the whites down a little–but not too much! This was a fun process! Thanks for the comment.